Monday, August 3, 2015

Sony will allow PlayStation Plus members to vote for free games

Hey Guys, today is just filled with new news. This one is particular caught my attention. It seems like Sony and Microsoft are just going at each other when it comes to trying to compete with on another for their online services. However, Sony actually has the edge here.
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This new feature is called Vote to Play. Basically how it works is that members will be able to vote from a selection of games given by Sony and which ever games gets the most votes will be the next free game.

Sure the games are still being chosen, but players still have the ultimate say in which games they want to have for free.

I'm not mad at Sony for making the decision. This is probably the greatest decision that they have made in a while when it comes to PlayStation Plus. However, me as well as other people should be mad at Microsoft.

It's usually a 50/50 chance that Microsoft will give awesome games or games that people haven't played before. I literally didn't download the games last month. Actually, I don't even remember which games were free last month because I already owned them or I was just not interested in playing them.

I can already see Microsoft making the same decision eventually. People are going to complain about this enough to a point where Microsoft will have no choice but to allow a Vote to Play system.
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