Thursday, August 6, 2015

Battlefield 4 gets more DLC

Hey Guys, it's been almost two years since Battlefield 4 releases and a year since its supposed last DLC map released. Well, it was announced through Battlelog that the Night Operations DLC will release in September to coincide with the two year release of Battlefield 4.

Image provided by Battlelog

This DLC pack will include Zavod: Graveyard Shift, which is based off the map Zavod 311, and will be tweaked to allow for a more stealthy experience. There is also more gameplay improvement such as improved sound to hear footsteps better as well as adding gadgets to see enemies easier in the dark. You can check out the full story on Battlelog.

Despite the fact that nobody was expecting DLC for such an old game, this actually doesn't sound too bad. It's pretty cool that there is going to be a stealth map added to the game to allow for a more tactical approach to the game. It gives players a fresh breath of air from the all out fights already present in the game.

If this was like a Search and Destroy game mode, then for sure it's going to be stressful yet fun to play! Imagine a 64-player Search and Destroy. That would be chaotic!

The only problem I have with this DLC pack is if it's free. If this DLC is not free, then that will just be greedy. I would understand if it's free for premium members, but there is still a good amount of people who still play this game, so would it really hurt to give out a freebie? It's EA, so I'm guessing yes.
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