Monday, August 3, 2015

The Pacific Standard Job now has double $GTA and double RP

Hey Guys, usually I'm early about announcing these Heist extras for GTA Online, but I'm a late about this due to the fact that I'm busy playing Destiny and I've been watching Dexter all day.

Honestly, I really can't say much about the amount of cash you can get from the Heist setup missions, but the Heist finale mission must pay a whole lot more! This event will last from August 3rd to August 9th,

Remember to also go for the elite challenges which include,

  • Finished in under 10:15
  • Avoid the NOOSE being called
  • Nobody gets wasted
There's also a boost in GTA online activities to go alongside this week long event,

  • Deathmatch: Finish in Top 3, Run Over and Kill an Enemy Using a Vehicle
  • Missions: Not Losing Any Lives Bonus
  • Races: Clean Lap, Fastest Lap, First for Whole Lap, Get Into 1st Place, Overtake Player 5 Times, Overtake Player 10 Times, Slipstream for 5 Seconds
  • Simeon Car Export Requests
  • Stunt Jumps
  • Survival: Enemy Kill, Vehicle Destroyed

This is the final Heist that will have this bonus event. I do recommend that you spam these mission if you're in need of cash or really need to rank up your character. I just broke level 200 due to these missions, but I don't feel proud of it.
Till Next Time!!
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