Saturday, July 11, 2015

17-year old Lizard Squad member arrested! -Then they attack Daybreak Games....

Hey Guys, I have never been this excited since the announcement of Fallout 4. Lizard Squad is one name that will be any person just shutter is disgust. They claim to be "untraceable", so they were hidden well in the shadows. However, 17-year old Finnish gamer, Julius Kivimaki was finally caught.
Image provided by KitGuru
Kivimaki was convicted for over 50,000 charges in cyber crime which also includes the Christmas DDos attack for both Xbox Live and PSN. He will be facing a two-year prison sentence and required to be an ant-cyber crime advocate. You can view more deails about his arrest here.

Then, Lizard Squad began attacking Daybreak Games as a result of their CEO John Smedley took onto Twitter and Reddit to rant about them having a negative impact on his life. You can check out the full article behind this here.

I'm going to try to give you guys my thoughts on this, but I do fear in the worst case scenario that something may happen to me, but I will risk it. I am so glad that finally someone else was caught. This at least give us optimism that these guys are traceable after all. Remember the Christmas attacks? Jesus, I couldn't even get on Xbox Live for the entire day! It's even more frustrating to think about it in retrospect because Lizard Squad publicly announced that they would attack Xbox Live and PSN on Christmas and neither Microsoft nor Sony took any action towards it.

Security should be beefed up on both Xbox Live and PSN to prevent these guys from attacking, but also not just these services. Every game company should have increased cyber security in order to prevent attacks like these from happening.

Lizard Squad is nothing when they don't have a computer. One of these days, they will get caught. Of course not by me, but somebody will get them. They think they have all the power in the world to do as they please, but they are just practically asking to get caught.

If you are a hacktivist, please keeping doing what you're doing, but I don't have a tolerance for hackers who do these types of things. Please, focus all your attention in seeking these guys out and finally getting rid of them.
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