Sunday, July 26, 2015

The 6 things that ruin GTA Heists

Hey Guys, I've been forcing myself from trying to write this article. Why? Well, I wanted to give GTA Heists some time before I can complain about them. However, it's been 4 months since the Heists update first released and really some problems have not been solved. I will be focusing on player issues and technical issues. I am not ranking them as a Top 6 if you didn't already know.

6. Jerk Hosts
These are the types of host who start up a Heist but leave before even starting it. It gets especially aggravating if 4 players are already available to play. However, hosts who try to be greedy when it comes to Heists Finales are the most aggravating. Seriously, make the pay equal or at least make the pay tolerable. If you're going to be a host, don't host a heist if you're not going to go through with it or if you're going to be money hungry.

5. Low Level Players
I heard this one countless times. However, this is just too true! Every time I see someone below level 100 join a Heist mission, I get a bit paranoid. When you're above level 100, you are actually much harder to kill than players who are not. Additionally, you have access to much better weapons. Seriously, either practice some Heist missions or level up faster. Don't join especially if it's your first time playing a particular mission. I sympathized with players who have to go through with that one guy who doesn't know what he's doing.

4. Players who leave mid-game or early
Jesus, I just want to throw my controller at these guys who do this. Let's say that you are about to start up a Heist mission. You're on the clothing selection screen and then someone just decides to leave at the last minute. You'd be much angrier if you were waiting for a mission to pop-up previously for maybe 15 minutes or something like that. Let's say that you were doing great on a setup mission. You guys are about to finish the mission until someone dies and then they just leave the game. You're mad that they died at a wrong time, but you're more mad about the fact that they just left. Don't play a Heist mission if you're just going to leave!

3. Players who die near the end of a mission
Seriously? How do you even mess up at the end of a mission? The Humane Labs Raid and Prison Break have to be the most prominent mission in which people always end up dying near the end. There's always going to be that one idiot who runs into the blade of a chopper or just ends up hitting a rock or something like that. The Prison Break especially gets annoying in the sense that you have to start the Heist all over again once someone screws up! Once you are at the end of a mission, take it slow and don't make any stupid decisions that will make your team members hate you.

2. Joining a full lobby
Rockstar, you guys have to do something about this. I am tired of having to receive an invite and then joining it only to have to be kicked due to the fact that the game is already full. What even more annoying about this is that when I leave that lobby I get tossed into a loading screen! It gets even more agitating if this continues over and over again! Why not show like the amount of players in the invite screen or something like that before we can join a Heist. Much like going on call?

1. Loading Screens
Something has to be done about this! If you play nothing but Heists on GTA Online, you're going to be spending 97% on loading screens! As a matter of fact, GTA Online as whole is nothing but loading screens! Much of the fun and entertainment from this game is just sucked away by these loading screens. I totally get it if someone has bad connection and the fact on how huge this game is. However, my connection is actually pretty good, but the loading screens are still way too long! I don't want to have to spend a majority of my time having to just sit down and watch my TV screen for 15 minutes trying to play a video game. I have things to do, places to be, and people to see!
Just looking at this picture makes me sick...

Don't get me wrong, I love going on GTA Online. It's probably one of my favorite games to play online in my down time, but there is no denying how many problems there are if you want to play Heists with other people. However, I did bring up issues that pertain to playing with randoms. It's pretty much required that you play with friends if you want to just breeze through Heist missions.
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