Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Should there be another Duke Nukem game?

Hey Guys, Gearbox has recently announced that they have done some concept development for a new Duke Nukem game. Currently, they are looking for a developer to team up with in order to make this game happen.
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You all remember Duke Nukem Forever? Everybody has to know what this game is whether you heard it was awful or it took 15 years for this game to release. When the game did first release, so many fans and critics just bombarded this game with negativity.

If you play this game today, it surprisingly is one of those things where it's so bad it's good. Sure the game may have clunky controls and the humor may be stale, but the game still feels okay. Sure it's not perfect, but it doesn't deserve to be called a horrible game.

However, should there really be another game? Well, that will actually depend on a lot of factors. I believe that this next game will have to focus more on the gameplay rather than the humor. Most of the criticism for Duke Nukem Forever came from the gameplay, so if Gearbox and whoever they work with put more work on the gameplay they can then focus on the humor aspect of the game.

Please, don't add multiplayer to the game either. Have you even played the multiplayer in Duke Nukem Forever? I haven't even picked up the game in over two years or so! I'm positive that nobody is playing that game online because it gets boring really quickly. If multiplayer is going to get added, then it needs to have something interesting and not be a Call of Duty clone.

I'm not much of a graphics person, but please don't make this game look like an early Xbox 360/PS3 game! If the game is physically attractive to look at or at least flashy, then more people will buy it. How do you think Advanced Warfare sold on next-gen?

Make sure the story is also strong or at least tolerable! It doesn't have to be The Last of Us or BioShock Infinite, but at least put some heart into the story. Nobody wants to buy a $60 game and be forced to play through an uninspired story.

As we grow older, we realize that Duke Nukem Forever was not as bad as originally thought. Some of the jokes in the game are actually pretty funny. You can get it for a pretty cheap price as well! It is worth buying nowadays. If you haven't played it, I recommend that you do because this game can still be entertaining. Come on, if people can sit through Sharknado then people can play through Duke Nukem Forever.
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