Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fallout Shelter earns $5.1 Million in its first two weeks of Release

Hey Guys, I have to say that I am impressed about this. A lot of people tend to complain about these free-to-play games having microtransactions in them, but this has to be a game where it seems people have no problem spending money on.
Image provided by Touch Arcade
Honestly, I never played the game before because I don't own any Apple products to play it own. Yes, I am not an Apple fan. Android users will get a chance to play this by next month, so I'm expecting to see revenue for this game to rise.

I'm being serious. Apple users spent over $5 million dollars in this game, so imagine how much money this game would make once Android users can make.

People are really excited for Fallout 4! Maybe I'll give this game a try, but it really doesn't catch my attention. I tried getting back into Fallout: New Vegas to hold me off until Fallout 4 releases, but the more I play Fallout the more likely I am to get tired of it.
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