Friday, July 31, 2015

SEGA reports a decrease in sales - Should we be surprised?

Hey Guys, SEGA recently revealed its financial report and it really doesn't ring out anything positive for this troubled company. I will be going off of the American currency because I'm more familiar with it. Additionally, read more as to what I think is the reason why SEGA's sales are falling.
This is part of the reason why SEGA is failing...
SEGA reports a 42% decrease in net sales, operating losses at $76 million, and net losses at $63.8 million. How much money did make? $426 million.

Representatives at SEGA claim the economy and the low demand for game software, amusement centers, and amusement machines in Japan have been the cause as to why their sales are down so significantly.

Okay, now here's what I think. Activision pulled off a similar excuse back in 2013 when Call of Duty: Ghosts released. Remember when they were confident that Ghosts would dominate Grand Theft Auto V in sales? Yeah, that never happened.

The reason why Ghosts did not sell as well as Black Ops II was because people are just getting tired of Call of Duty. What does SEGA have to offer? Well, people are getting tired of Sonic because most new Sonic games that release end up sucking on a different level.

People are just losing trust in SEGA just as much as they are in Activision. SEGA's biggest mascot is Sonic and they pretty much ruined the franchise.

Unfortunately, it's a franchise that just needs to die or needs a long break. It's been a while since a good Sonic game even came out. Until SEGA comes out with a game that can save them, then it looks like they are once inch deeper in their graves.
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