Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Was Titanfall really that disappointing?

Hey Guys, one question I had on my mind recently had to pertain to Titanfall. Remember that game? I remember when there was this hype train built around it. I remember that this game was labeled as the "Call of Duty killer"! Once the game came out, it received such high critical praise! However, this was one of those games where critics and gamers had different viewpoints on the game.
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Was Titanfall disappointing? Honestly, no it wasn't. I swear that I'm tired of seeing all these people jumping on the bandwagon that this game was disappointing much like people saying Call of Duty: Ghosts is the worst game in the Call of Duty series.

However, I totally understand why people would say that Titanfall is disappointing. There pretty much is no story and is just easily forgettable, but it has more of a story than Destiny ever could. Yes, I went there. The multiplayer can get boring after a while and the prestige-like mode doesn't really add much to its replay value. At the time of its release, there wasn't even any private matches available. Additionally, hackers roamed freely around with no punishment.

What I really think was the problem was the fact that this game was on Xbox and PC only. Maybe people would change their viewpoints if the game was available on PlayStation. Good new is that Titanfall 2 will in fact come to PlayStation consoles.

However, most of these problems have pretty much been resolved! Respawn made the season pass to this for free which pretty much means free DLC, so there's just more of a reason to play this game. Additionally, you can get this game dirt cheap! There also is no denying that the gameplay still holds up and is very enjoyable. Let alone the fact that private matches have been in the game for a while now.

Is the game disappointing? No! Was it disappointing when it first released? Pretty much. Seriously, stop jumping onto the bandwagon people. This has to be one of few games of today that actually released free DLC. Sure it didn't release DLC free when it came out, but now they are! I totally get if you don't like the game, but now there is no reason to call it disappointing! Put it this way. Bungie is still making people pay for Destiny's DLC.
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