Sunday, July 5, 2015

Why I'm tired of Destiny

Hey Guys, I'm not so sure if I have ever mentioned Destiny on this blog. I might have, but I never really went into detail about it. There is a reason why I don't. I find that most gaming outlets try to find anything to talk about this game because of the controversy behind the game. Hilariously, I'm going to do the thing that I hate. I got the game a long time ago, but it's also been a long time since I even picked it up.

Destiny is the pinnacle of a love/hate thing. Literally, it's either you hate this game due to it being
underwhelming or you love this game because it's just an enjoyable cooperative experience. I'm going to try to remain as neutral as possible towards my thoughts on the actual game because there is a lot of Destiny fanboys who are quick to try to defend the game. However, I will only present the facts.

Destiny has not had a huge update since the House of Wolves DLC was released. The Iron Banner tournaments don't count either because all lower leveled players pretty much can't participate due to them not having powerful enough weapons to take down level 30s and above. I'm sorry that most people have other important priorities over video games and just don't have the time to invest into the game.

In reality, most people will just be discouraged to invest the time into Destiny because of the flawed random drop system. This is something that I can rant about all day, but that's for another day. Seriously, if someone is doing all the work then they deserve the better loot. That's just plain unfair and of course anyone will just quit the game because of it.

This game is just mean for you to play with friends. No one is using mics in these games. The time that I had been playing Destiny had been full of silent players. Most of my friends were playing other games and not one of them was in the mood to play Destiny or just didn't have the game. However, the multiplayer is very well done, but it's meant for you to play with friends.

Even when playing with friends, there is no denying that the Strike missions are just unbelievably both boring and frustrating. Both the story and strike missions are essentially horde mode, but strike missions are just harder versions of horde mode.

Please don't even get me started on this,
No, I am not getting into the Controversy behind this DLC
No amount of DLC will fix the disappointment that this game has delivered in the past. Most of the content that they did add into the game should have been available on day one! The season pass essentially symbolized that players only paid $60 for only part of the game. The DLC really killed the game for most people. I don't even know if I will ever go back into Destiny, but I love to just see it collecting dust on my shelf.

If you enjoy playing Destiny, then oh well that's your opinion. However, there is just things in the game that there is no way that you can defend.
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