Friday, July 17, 2015

Please, go out and buy Far Cry 4

Hey Guys, I wanted to say this for a while but never really got a chance to. Anyways, GameStop is currently selling Far Cry 4 across every platform for only $19.99.
This is a snapshot I took. You can see the prices for yourself here.
Keep in mind, these prices will change
I feel ashamed that I didn't get a chance to review Far Cry 4, but I will tell you to stop what you're doing right now and go buy it. Trust me, this game was worth the $60 price tag, so at $20 it's pretty much a steal.

Make sure to also get this game on either current-gen consoles or PC. The game still runs well on last-gen consoles, but it's a better option to get it on newer hardware because this game is just beautiful. This game will take you anywhere from 25-30 hours to complete.

If you haven't played Far Cry 3, then it's still a good idea to jump into Far Cry 4 because you don't need to play Far Cry 3 to get the story. If you have played Far Cry 3, there is a good chance you already have this game.
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